001 Skincare London Cryo-Flash Facial Set

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£127.50 / 25500 AVIOS

001 Skincare London`s CryoPress is a beauty tool that intensely enhances circulation, boosts oxygen levels and eliminates toxins. Part of a set that includes a serum and a recovery cream, the CryoPress gives a robust sub-zero facial workout, waking up tired skin, allowing products to penetrate and fully combat the signs of ageing.

The secret weapon in this kit is the CryoPress, an ice treatment device that boosts circulation and oxygen levels and eliminates toxins, allowing products to better penetrate skin. The set, excusive to British Airways, is completed with the Alpha-Glow Flash Facial (50ml), an anti-ageing 3-in-1 serum, primer and mask, and the Amino-Acids & Lipids Recovery Cream (30ml), 001 London’s nutritional moisturiser. Total content, 80ml. Set value £220 if bought separately.

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