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Founded by Blake Lively, Betty Buzz is a new range of non-alcoholic, sparkling drinks made from clean ingredients. These mixers pair perfectly with any spirit and are tasty enough to fly solo.

When asked why she founded Betty Buzz, Founder Blake Lively said, “I don’t drink. I know that’s odd coming from the wife of an infamous gin slinger. But over the past many years of mixing but not drinking cocktails, it became clear mixers are the unsung heroes of the drink world and deserve just as much love as alcohol.”

Exclusively at High Life Café 

Try these sparkling summer mixes

Grapefruit Pom

Betty Buzz Sparkling Grapefruit & Two Drifters Rum

Vodka & Sparkling Lime

Betty Buzz Sparkling Lemon Lime & Black Cow Vodka

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