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Clogau Cariad Sparkle Heart Locket

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Love and friendship are as timeless and valuable as the pieces defining the collection bearing these sentiments. 'Cariad' is a Welsh term of endearment and a symbol of love. The exquisite Cariad Sparkle heart pendant is a modern interpretation of Clogau`s classic Cariad design. Handcrafted in 925 sterling silver, 9ct rose gold and embellished with sparkling white topaz, this is the perfect addition to the beautiful Cariad collection. Celebrate your everlasting love with those who matter the most to you with this unique pendant. Clogau`s exquisite Cariad® Sparkle pieces are a modern interpretation of Clogau`s classic Cariad® design.


The Clogau brand was first brought to life when a local Welshman named William Roberts made an exciting discovery in the rural mountains of Snowdonia. Roberts extracted a stockpile of rare Welsh gold that was then used exclusively to create the jewellery that founded the Clogau brand. Since then, Clogau jewellery has become renowned worldwide for its striking designs and exceptional quality.
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