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Scientia Dusk Elixir Active Oil Blend 50ml

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A blend of 23 100% natural oils, this powerhouse of antioxidants and fatty acids plumps exhausted skin with hydration. Enriched with Rosehip, Moringa, and Bakuchiol (natural retinol) to help boost collagen production and tackle signs of ageing, supporting natural repair and recovery as you snooze.

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A dose of restorative goodness, this nourishing blend of 23 natural oils will help plump tired skin with hydration and support natural repair while you snooze, for skin that feels replenished and regenerated.
Formulated using 23 natural oils from all over the globe, Scientia`s founder searched high and low to hunt down the very best Mother Nature has to offer, making sure this oil benefits the skin and the mind. They are proud of every single drop, but here are a few of their favourite ingredients in the Dusk Elixir and the amazing places we sourced them from:

Bakuchiol Oil: a naturally occurring alternative to retinol, it helps stimulate collagen production and diminishes signs of ageing, extracted from plants grown in India and cold-pressed to create the magical extract we know and love.

Lavender Oil: from French Lavender fields, it’s one of the most therapeutic and snooze-inducing oils around. With anti-inflammatory properties, it’s also extremely soothing to the skin.

Avocado Oil: hydrating, moisturising, and radiance-boosting, it can protect skin from free radicals and help to target fine lines and dullness. Theirs provides a second income for farmers in Kenya because we use rejected fruit – it’s still amazing (just a little unconventional-looking).

Rosemary Oil: grown by small-scale farmers in Tunisia and Morocco, with strong antioxidant properties, it can help balance oil production and protect skin from external aggressors. Oh, and the scent is ultra-calming.

1. Drop. Press (don’t rub) 3-4 drops in the palm of your hand.
2. Inhale. Take a moment for yourself - cup hands over your nose and face and take three deep breaths.
3. Apply. Press the oil onto your face and massage in a gentle upward motion.
4. Sleep. Hit the pillow and let our skin-loving Elixir work its magic.
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