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Go Travel Memory Dreamer Pillow

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£17.00 / 3400 AVIOS

Designed with high-density memory foam, this super supportive memory pillow instantly moulds to the contours of your neck for a more personalised fit. Its ergonomic shape is gently tapered at the rear to provide the perfect resting position when sleeping upright.

SAVE £3 (RRP £20)

Offering optimum support around the neck, it allows the head to slope back and rest comfortably. A fully adjustable front closure further enhances your sleeping experience, holding your head and neck securely in place to avoid any unexpected movement.
Features Include: Memory foam travel pillow with the contoured rear.
High-density memory foam.
Tapered rear provides the perfect resting position.
Fully adjustable front closure for customisable comfort.
Machine washable cover at 30º.
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