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Go Travel Ultimate 2.0 Travel Memory Pillow

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£25.00 / 5000 AVIOS

The best in sleep support, the Ultimate 2.0 Memory Pillow is a revolution in upright sleeping comfort with a structural frame provided to maximise support with compression bar technology.

SAVE £5 (RRP £30)

Designed to mould instantly to the circumference of the neck, with a recessed tension strap to loop around the entire pillow it truly does provide a snug 360° fit.
The adjustable closure supports the chin and prevents the head from falling forward.
A luxuriously softcover with integrated rear grip helps secure the pillow to any headrest for slip-free comfort and doubles up as a useful handle to carry around with you.
Supplied with a handy carry pouch, this latest addition to our memory foam range is as easy to pack as it is to wear with enhanced comfort and a refined look.
Features include:
The ultimate memory foam travel pillow.
The ultimate high-density memory foam with luxuriously soft fabric.
Provides a structural frame to maximize support with compression bar technology.
Recessed tension straps loop around the entire pillow for a snug 360° fit.
Comes with a handy drawstring pouch.
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