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Perfino The Power Of Three, 3x 5ml Essential Oil Blends

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Perfino has designed a set of 3 x 5ml pure essential oil blends specifically with the traveller in mind, but also to afford the luxury of different fragrances to suit different moods and different needs as you travel. Calm…and Breathe combines eight relaxing essential oils for relaxation and well-being: Bergamot - Sweet orange - Frankincense - Rose Absolute - Rosewood - Patchouli - Clary Sage - Rose Geranium.

Energise…power on wakes you up with freshness: Grapefruit - Bergamot - Peppermint - Coriander seed - Cedarwood – Vetiver.

Dream…deep love for that romantic feeling as you arrive, and the romance begins <br />Neroli - Bergamot - Clary Sage - Amyris - Ylang Ylang

The oil blends are a companion set for the Perfino pendant and should not be worn directly on the skin. 

Perfino works with natural essential oils, one drop of which is enough to deliver a fabulous scent for your enjoyment and well-being... all day long. A small lava stone inside a beautiful piece of jewellery takes up the oil and gently releases the fragrance without pushing any solvents (greenhouse gases) into the air. So, your skin remains precisely as nature intended.
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