We are proud to announce the new Tom Kerridge range, exclusively developed for Speedbird Café.

I’m not a Michelin-star kind of guy -  says acclaimed chef Tom Kerridge who, since opening his first gastropub in 2005, has earned not one, but two of the coveted culinary accolades. The famed Hand & Flowers in Marlow is now known as the first ever pub to be given such recognition. But for Tom Kerridge, prestige comes second to serving up simple, authentic and delicious British food – the kind that delights top critics and self-proclaimed foodies alike.

Tom Kerridge`s range, in partnership with British Airways, brings you a fusion of top-quality ingredients and lots of great, traditional British flavours.

Please pre-purchase before the flight to have your food and drink delivered to your seat. These products will not be available for purchase on board.

Please visit our Buy before you fly page, to find out how and when to pre-purchase. Or,  contact us for more information. 

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