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Accessibility statement for 2021


We want everyone who visits and pre-purchases on to feel welcome and have a successful and enjoyable experience with us.


What are we doing?

To help us make the High Life Shop website, a positive space for everyone, we've been using the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1. to steer us, accordingly. These guidelines explain how to ensure your web content is more accessible for all, including people with disabilities.

The guidelines have three levels of accessibility (A, AA and AAA). We’ve chosen Level AA as the target for our High Life Shop website.

How are we doing?

We're working hard towards achieving our goal of Level AA accessibility, but we realise there are some areas that still need further improving. We will continue to update and monitor the website regularly as we make progress towards our AA target, but if you do find any problems, please get in touch with us at 

This mailbox is only for accessibility concerns (and suggestions/compliments) that are being experienced on our website.

Have a question about something else? Contact us at or by telephone: 0345 6000 757 (09:00 – 18:00 UK time, Monday to Friday, except UK public holidays). Last but not least, if you would prefer to have access to more information regarding our site and services,  please head to our FAQs page.

When using this website

We're always working to make easier to use and more accessible. We regularly check and test online features and services, and we recommend you use these browsers:



Internet Explorer



Samsung or Android mobile browser

Always use the latest version of your browser to get the best online experience.



Need help?

We provide a support service for customers in the UK. 

Contact us

If you live in the UK


Telephone: 0345 6000 757 (09:00 – 18:00 UK time, Monday to Friday, except UK public holidays)

Please note that our offices are closed from 13:00 onwards on Christmas Eve and New Year`s Eve.

If you live outside the UK

Telephone: +44 (0)370 241 0777 (09:00 – 18:00 UK time, Monday to Friday, except UK public holidays).

The site should also be compatible with:

basic operating system screen magnifiers

speech recognition software, such as Dragon Naturally Speaking

operating system speech packages.

Compatible screen readers and other tools

We are constantly striving to to make our website compatible with the latest versions of most leading screen readers.



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