Which cocktail will you choose?
Our Speedbird Café features a wide range of spirits and mixers, so why not jazz things up a little and try something different? Check out our easy-to-mix cocktail ideas for your next flight, or select one of our pre-mixed cocktails, ready for you to drink!

Sloe Gin

On the nose, you'll find notes of pomegranate and cranberry. The palate brings ripe sweetness, fresh acidity, and sour cherry with the sloe berries imprinting that unique tartness, warmth, and depth of flavour. Top up with prosecco for a fabulous sparkling aperitif at 38,000ft, and watch the clouds go by as you fly to your destination.

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Cow & Coke

A true classic but smoother

Rum Punch

Drink better with this delicious B Corp combo

Oxford Rye & Dry

Sweet & spicy flavours take flight in this classic pairing 

Green Ginger Snap

Eco-friendly gin paired with ginger ale

Rosé Spritz

Thirst quenching with a touch of glamour

Bloody Mary

Cocktail of the skies. Modern classic

Try our ready-to-drink cocktails…

Red Aviator

If you haven't yet tried this, now is your chance

Bloody Scotsman

A smokey whiskey twist on the classic


An indulgent drink not just for breakfast

Dark & Stormy

Just pour, relax, and enjoy


Don’t judge until you’ve tried it

Mini Mule

Downsized for a better experience at 38,000ft

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