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Whisky`s Golden Rules

 Discover fresh, accessible, and delicious new ways to appreciate whisky in drinks like these – whether you prefer single malt, blended or bourbon.


A highball will surprise you, and the star turn of this whisky revival ticks all the boxes: low ABV, low calorie, refreshing, delicious and so simple to make. In a tall glass, over plenty of ice, stir together one part whisky and three parts soda. Add lemon optionally.

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It’s survived the test of time for good reason – the julep is fiendishly tasty. Into a tumbler, pour a measure of bourbon or whisky, a spoonful of sugar syrup and some fresh mint. Add crushed ice and churn all the ingredients together; then start making the next one…

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Sours are a family of drinks that contain spirit, citrus and sugar. The mix of sweetness and acidity brings out some of the fruity notes that Scotch is famed for. Shake four parts spirit, two parts lemon juice, and one part sugar syrup—strain into a glass over ice.

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