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Step into the world of luxury with the Atkinsons London oud collection.  Think vast sandy deserts, bustling souks, sultry temptresses and exotic, pungent spices. Open up your senses and inhale the glamour and mystique of the Orient in this ode to Oud, that intoxicating and most prized rare wood essence known as Liquid Gold.

Discover Atkinsons’ range of Eau de Parfums today and have them delivered directly to your flight.

Atkinsons collection

Gifts with purchase

Buy from Atkinsons` collection of 100ml fragrances and receive a complimentary 30g scented candle with every purchase. 

A perfumery for the truly discerning, Atkinsons was established in London in 1799 by James Atkinson. Having been declared an official perfumer to the Royal Court of England in 1826 by King George IV, the fragrance house’s rich history has seen it cater to the most aristocratic and exclusive of clientele around the world.

Drawing on over 200 years of British style and heritage, Atkinsons offers a unique fragrance collection, carefully modernised yet faithful to the strong tradition of English perfumery. 

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