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Giorgio Armani Sì and Sì Passionate Duo 2x30ml

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Discover Armani's iconic Sì fragrance and the vibrant Sì Passione perfume in this travel-size 30ml duo format. Sì is a chic, sultry, intense yet soft fragrance that captivates the senses. The Sì woman is free, knows how to make her vision known, and possesses the calm strength of femininity and the courage to say "Sì!". The bold Sì Passione is a sparkling, fruity floral scent with rose & woody vanilla notes.

Giorgio Armani Sì, Eau de parfum, 30ml

Armani Sì is a timeless perfume that is whole-hearted and grounded yet turns into a soft trail that lingers. Sì is Italian for 'yes' and reveals the contemporary femininity of Giorgio Armani, the Sì woman has the confidence to say yes to the values that define her life. This Eau de Parfum resembles fresh sheets that have dried outside in the summer air, soft and warm with a hint of sophisticated sweetness. Armani Sì is a floral perfume for women who are strong and graceful, distinctive, creamy and catches attention. Fresh, green and addictive in its initial impression, the elegance of Freesia and the exquisite honey hues of Rose De Mai make this perfume truly distinctive. The long-lasting and sensual notes of Oakmoss and Patchouli softly define this fragrance as a captivating modern chypre.

Circling the neck of the Armani Sì bottle is a gold ring that symbolises the promise of eternity, a perfect wedding, engagement, or anniversary gift.

Giorgio Armani Sì Passione, Eau de parfum,30ml

The red lip effect in a bottle, Sì Passione, is a bright and sensual perfume that emits confidence, seduction, and strength. An attention-grabbing fragrance inspired by the instant confidence boost you get when applying your favourite red lipstick. This scent tells a different story from the original Sì perfume, being the first fruity floral within the Armani Sì range. This Eau de Parfum resembles the smell of adding a fruit garnish to champagne, a tingling fruity perfume that is refreshing and slightly powdery. Bright and fresh in its initial impression, Armani Sì Passione opens with notes of spicy pink pepper and radiant pear. The most exquisite rose notes in perfumery and feminine jasmine combine to create a powerful scent, like a seemingly fragile woman who shows incredible strength when guided by passion. The addition of heliotrope makes this perfume addictive and acts as an invitation to self-indulgence and pleasure. The warm and sensual vanilla and cedarwood dry down mirrors the self-assurance that a swipe of red lipstick can instantly give the wearer.

As Sì is the Italian word for yes, Passione is the Italian word for passion, and red is the vibrant colour of desire - this perfume makes a perfect birthday gift for someone you love.
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