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Elizabeth Scarlett Honey Bee Charcoal Everyday Pouch

In stock
£20.00 / 4000 AVIOS

RRP £30

Designed to make your life a little more organised and luxurious, this timeless Everyday Pouch features the enchanting honey bee on a soft velvet base with intricately embroidered gold threads. Ideally sized, it is perfect for storing your daily essentials, fitting in your handbag, or using it as a clutch.


Machine washable at 30 degrees.
Gold zip closure. Double-sided design. 100% Cotton

Elizabeth Scarlett exists to promote joyful living while raising funds to protect our planet's precious wildlife. Elizabeth Scarlett is a luxury accessories & gift brand inspired by the natural world and on a mission to help protect it. Each of their accessories starts with a water-colour, hand-painted by Elizabeth and then transformed with sumptuous fabrics and twinkling embroidery, designed to add joy and luxury to your everyday adventures.
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