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Versace Dylan Purple EDP 100ml

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£80.00 / 16000 AVIOS

The elegant new fragrance blends sparkling bergamot with joyful tones of orange and notes of juicy pear for an explosive finish.

RRP £100

Dylan Purple is a bright and elegant fragrance. A sparkling bergamot is blended with the joyful tones of a freshly harvested orange. Juicy pear adds a touch of modernity to an accord that is as addictive as it is vibrant. Heady scents of freesia deliver an explosion of bright purple colour. The delicate aroma of its petals is sublimated by Mahonial and Pomarose, both diffuse and powerful. Belambre and Ambrofix provide an asserted, elegant, vibrant tone underlined by soft Iso E Super and creamy Cedarwood. Silkolide signs the fragrance with a musky note and slight fruity accents.

Top: Bitter orange Italy Orpur, Pear juice accord, Bergamot Italy Orpur
Heart: Purple freesia, Pomarose, Mohanial
Base: Iso e super, cedarwood Virginia Orpur, Ambrofix™, Belambre, Sylkolide
Olfactory family: Floral, fruity, musky

Vegan formula
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