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Perfino Solid Silver Necklace with Lava Stones

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£85.00 / 17000 AVIOS

RRP £100

A perfect way to smell fantastic all day without putting chemicals on your skin or solvents into the air. Perfino pendant sets are designed for fragrance lovers with sensitive skin or anyone who wants to give their body a break from the synthetic ingredients of perfume but still wants to smell fabulous. The solid silver pendants have been designed with quality and longevity in mind and come with six lava stones straight from Mother Earth.  Place a stone in the pendant and add a drop or two of pure essential oil.  

Essential oils are available to buy separately. 

This natural fragrance will give you pleasure all day long and can last for days. Choose the blend you would like based on how you would like to feel. Top it up or wash it clean with soapy water to try out a new blend. Made to please you and the planet.

Perfino works with natural essential oils, one drop of which is enough to deliver a fabulous scent for your enjoyment and well-being... all day long. A small lava stone inside a beautiful piece of jewellery takes up the oil and gently releases the fragrance without pushing any solvents (greenhouse gases) into the air. So, your skin remains precisely as nature intended.

Size: 24 inches

Chains are extendible
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