Paco Rabanne One Million EDT 100ml

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Love life's danger, yet display your brilliance. Living is not about obeying all the rules. Just follow your dreams. 1 Million perfume: a beautiful, spicy leather fragrance for the most sassiest gentleman.

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The beautiful aromas of genuine leather, yet, spicy and fresh. A showy fragrance that disturbs from the first notes. A complex eau de toilette combining sweet, juicy mandarin and peppermint. Creating intrigue and freshness... with lively pink cinnamon. An ambiguous and classy fragrance, to display a man's spirit and passion! The signature amber leather is distinctive and rich. Whitewood, matte blonde leather, amber, sexy patchouli.
Top notes are blood mandarin, grapefruit, and mint.
Middle notes are cinnamon, rose, and spicy notes
Base notes are amber, leather, woody notes, and Indian patchouli.
Eau de toilette 100ml
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